Fashion Designer Of The Week : Jenny Packham

venerdì, dicembre 10, 2010

This time I present you Jenny Packham, 
Honored in L.A. as the Hollywood Style Designer of the year, International Couture Bridal Designer of the Year 2007 and British Bridal Designer of the Year 2008.

This is her Collection for 2010-11.

Her clientele comprehend Keira Knightley, Beyoncè, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker and Eva Longoria.
Her first ready-to-wear store opened on Mount St. in London's Mayfay, and now her retail portfolio is growing dramatically with a flagship in Paris, two in Belgravia and other two in Kuwait and Beirut.

She's always on the red carpets of Los Angeles.

Her designs have been selected for stylistically acclaimed and Oscar nominated film and television productions invluding Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada, James Bond Casino Royale and Die Another Day and now Hermione in Harry Potter!

As I said before in Italy there aren't flagship, but if you want there's an online shop dedicated to Bridal and Ready to Wear accessories.

The prices are a little but high.. from 150$ to 650$.
Aren't Amazing?!
Sooooo Girl...What do you think?!?!?

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